Veda Harvest Indigo Powder For Hair Colour

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With VEDA HARVEST Indigo Powder, the key to colorful, luscious locks, discover the world of natural beauty. This hair care product is not just any other; it’s a voyage to recover your hair’s natural richness.

VEDA HARVEST Indigo Powder is your go-to option if you want to accentuate your natural color or add a little drama. Bid farewell to harsh chemicals and hello to a delicate yet effective hair coloring process.

VEDA HARVEST: Why choose it? since we acknowledge the power of the natural world. This powdered indigo is evidence of our dedication to offering goods that are unadulterated

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Veda Harvest Indigo Powder

Repair damage hair

Repairs damage to hair and enhances texture


Natural hair shine

Enhance hair growth

Natural hair growth





Natural Indigo

FOR ALL Hair Colour

suitable for all skin


Indigo powder how to use


Mix Indigo Powder with warm water in a paste like consistency


Apply to hair and leave for 45 mins. For Rich Dark colour leave upto 2 hours


Thoroughly rinse multiple times with water

WHY Vedaharvest?

  • Available 300 Grams for Hair Colour.
  • It is is not significantly affected by pH.
  • It is pure and free from additives.
  • Store indigo powder in a cool, dry place.


High Performane Ayurveda
Ministry Of ayush Certified
Clinically Tested For Efficacy

29 reviews for Veda Harvest Indigo Powder For Hair Colour

  1. Tanzu

    It is a natural and effective option for coloring hair. It provides rich, deep black hues while also nourishing the hair. Easy to use and chemical-free

  2. Tanu Priya

    Excellent performance and result

  3. Sabiha

    It’s gives long lasting color and it’s chemical free. Fully satisfied

  4. Tufail

    Product is 100% natural and good to use…very good product.

  5. Juvi

    This indigo powder is good and natural. A true remedy for colouring hair organically!!

  6. Rishika singh

    Amazing product guyss go and must try it looks natural on your hair

  7. Aaiza

    Absolutely impressed with this natural product! knowing it’s made with natural ingredients gives me peace of mind. Definitely a must-have product

  8. Kiran

    It gives amazing result. My hair become smooth and shiner

  9. Dheeraj Patel

    Helps for adding shine and volume, best for all types of hair

  10. Divya

    My mom loved this product. A must buy product ! 🤭💖

  11. Sara Chauhan

    This product is very effective as it does not damaged my natural hair. Loving the results.

  12. Priyanka

    This is a natural hair colour for ur hair. My husband was having lots of grey hair and tired of using chemical hair colour so decided to try this out and loving the results 😀

  13. five_elements_

    This product is natural and show really good result.

  14. Sakshi priya

    It’s really a nice hair powder 😊 my mother loves it she always tell me to order this only ✨❤️ even u can also use

  15. Bhoomi Gupta

    This is the third time i buy this product

  16. Urmila

    It is a very good product and the results are also very good

  17. Aayushi Rajput

    Wow amazing product

  18. Kiran Panwar

    If you are Looking for a good Indigo then go for it. I am gonna purchase again 😍👍

  19. Divyapriya

    I am using this product for a while, and am in love with this

  20. Sonal

    It is all natural and pure that is best i love it

  21. Somi

    I have grey hairs and after using this product cover my all grey hairs

  22. Shaziya

    This product works like magic on my hair. It’s gives a silky smooth and shiny hair and added a volumes on my hair.

  23. Tanzeela

    I loved this product. It’s easy to use and promotes hair growth.

  24. Nikhat choudhary

    I have used this an it’s shows really amazing results.

  25. H Bhavana

    This product is very natural and it’s best for beginners

  26. Amreen Choudhary

    Amazing product, natural colour with no side effects

  27. Seema

    I am using this brand for a very long time and it is the best

  28. Vaibhavi Baranwal

    It’s gentle and easy to apply. It has such good natural ingredients which really makes my hair look great!

  29. Poojitha

    I recently used this product it is working well.

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