Veda Harvest Tea Tree Essential oil

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Introducing VEDA HARVEST Tea Tree Essential Oil, a tiny bottle of nature’s powerful benevolence. More than just an oil, this is your ally in embracing the health benefits of tea tree and fostering a fresh, clean environment.Shut your eyes and picture the fresh, clean aroma of tea tree filling the room.transparent;Open them now and enjoy the scent of VEDA HARVEST Tea Tree Essential Oil.

Why pick VEDA HARVEST? since we consider nature to be authentic. You will receive the entire range of the natural advantages of our pure and undiluted tea tree essential oil. Let VEDA HARVEST Tea be a part of your beauty routine or utilised in aromatherapy.

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Tea Tree Essential oil 30Ml

Glowing skin

Promotes glowing skin

Helps to get rid of acne

Helps to get rid of acne

Prevent dandruff and lice

Prevents dandruff and lice




Tea Tree

Experience the genuine, undiluted goodness of Veda Harvest Tea Tree Essential Oil


suitable for all skin


Tea tree oil

STEP 1: Skin

Mix 3-5 Drop in 5Ml Carrier oil & Apply On the Skin

STEP 2: Hair

Mix 6-7 Drops in 10-15ml Carrier oil and massage the scalp gently


Add 5-6 drops in an Aroma diffuser or simply add a few drops on cotton balls and keep it in the Room

WHY Vedaharvest?

  • Store in cool place.
  • Keep container tightly closed in a dry.
  • The PH level is 5.5.


High Performane Ayurveda
Ministry Of ayush Certified
Clinically Tested For Efficacy

32 reviews for Veda Harvest Tea Tree Essential oil

  1. Madhu

    Perfect product for hair problems. Highly recommended. You will love the results from first use itself

  2. Gayatri Thakur

    Works wonders 🤩
    This product is very useful for hair as well as skin…
    Justt Amazing 😍

  3. Sazda

    This is good for skin and hair.

  4. Sonal

    This is best tree tea oil i have tried

  5. Sara Chauhan

    Using it in the diffuser for aromatherapy and it just feels so relaxing. Loving the way it changed the room’s vibe.

  6. Juvi

    I started using it on one of my really old problem piercings because the scar tissue got incredibly inflamed, swollen, and hard and wouldn’t go away (I hadn’t worn jewelry in it in a really long time. It was just acting up). I tried various other treatment methods, but none of them worked. The first time I used tea tree oil on it, I noticed significant improvement the next morning. Love this one by Veda harvest 😍

  7. Seema

    Best product for all skin types people it works absolutely amazing ❤️🤩

  8. Dheeraj Patel

    Good product, reduce hair loss

  9. Shaziya

    This Tea Tree Oil is the best and original. I mix few drops of it in my suitable Moisturizer and apply on my pimples at night and due to this tea tree oil i have reduced my pimples alot and getting smooth skin

  10. Tanu Priya

    Excellent performance and result

  11. Aayushi Rajput

    I just loved this product you must buy guys

  12. Tanzu

    Awesome products and the fragrance is not so hard to smell not so light to smell and it’s very quite fragrance.

  13. Tufail

    It’s really help to reduced my hair dandruff. Impressive!!

  14. Sabiha

    I use daily to mix my body lotion and hair oil and its work so good

  15. Kiran Panwar

    This product work wonder. I am liking it

  16. Priyanka

    Very good for acne prone skin. It helped with my dark spots too loving it 😍

  17. Kiran

    Perfect product for hair and skin problem 😍

  18. Dheeraj Patel

    Good product, reduce hair loss, also good for the skin

  19. Divyapriya

    I have been using this for my skin and dandruff and it made wonders,

  20. Amreen Choudhary

    Best dandruff controller, one solution for skin and hair

  21. Nikhat choudhary

    This is effective product for both skin and hair..i liked it

  22. Rishika singh

    This is good for skin and hair

  23. Aaiza

    The fragrance of this oil is so rich. Considering it’s effectiveness and since it an essential oil.

  24. Urmila

    This is an amazing product for every hair problem

  25. Sakshi priya

    This product is very useful really it is gud product ✨ I really love it ❤️

  26. Vaibhavi Baranwal

    Great product with no chemicals! It does show results just be consistent. I’ve used it on my hair too and got great results

  27. Somi

    This makes my hair skin and dandruff free

  28. Tanzeela

    I used this on my hair for controll dandruff and it’s really work fastest.

  29. Divya

    The results are everything for me ! You can use this for skin as well as for your hair. 100% organic and smells good! 💖

  30. H Bhavana

    This is the best face oil I have ever used , it made acne to fade away

  31. Poojitha

    Nice product for hair👌

  32. Shweta Ahirwar

    Highly recommended. Do try. Shows good results if applied continuously👍🏻

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