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Presenting VEDA HARVEST Rosemary Essential Oil, the fragrant scent that carries the peace of nature right to your fingers. More than just a fragrance, this is an investigation into the restorative domain of rosemary, painstakingly extracted for your general well-being.

Shut your eyes and picture the fresh rosemary aroma permeating the atmosphere. That’s what VEDA HARVEST Rosemary Essential Oil provides. It’s a natural way to promote attention and relaxation in your daily life, not just a nice aroma.

VEDA HARVEST: Why chose it? because we regard nature as being pure. You may be sure that you are experiencing the actual essence of rosemary because our oil is devoid of any chemicals. Let VEDA HARVEST Rosemary Essential Oil enhance your facial treatments, aromatherapy, and DIY beauty recipes.

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Rosemary Essential Oil For Face & Hair Growth

Hair growth

Supports Hair Growth

Hydrated skin

Hydrates Skin

Hair Strengthen & Scalp Nourishment

Hair Strengthen & Scalp Nourishment





Rosemary essential oil offers several benefits for health and well-being. It is known to improve memory and mental clarity, reduce stress and anxiety, and stimulate hair growth. The oil’s antimicrobial properties make it useful for skin conditions, and it can also alleviate headaches and promote relaxation when used in aromatherapy.


suitable for all skin


Tea tree oil (1)

STEP 1 For Skin

Cleanse Your Skin


Take 2-3 drops of the oil and mix it with a carriar oil and apply evenly on your face and nack in circular motion


Leave it on and watch your skin glow

STEP 1 For Hair

Apply the oil using the comb applicator


Leave it for a few hours or overnight


Wash off with Veda Harvest Rosemary Anti-hair fall Shampoo

WHY Vedaharvest?

  • This product is 100% pure and undiluted.
  • Store in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight and heat.


High Performane Ayurveda
Ministry Of ayush Certified
Clinically Tested For Efficacy

44 reviews for Veda Harvest Rosemary Essential Oil

  1. Yashi Agrawal

    This product is so good! Made my hair shiny and beautiful, loved the packaging too!

  2. Anshika

    Wow it’s an amazing product. Perfect for all your skin problems

  3. Sabiha

    This is so good, I used it for my hair growth it’s really help to me. And also control my hairfall.

  4. Tanu Priya


  5. Juvi

    Omggggg love this rosemary oil. I’m using this form last 2 months. Applying it 2 time a week it really helps with hair fall issue.

  6. Kiran Panwar

    It’s perfect. I really like it’s result

  7. Aaiza

    The oil get absorbed quite well in my hair and quite good for damage hair since using it for 2 weeks let’s wait for result

  8. Shaziya

    I used it for my hair. It’s control my hairfall and promotes hair growth. I used with coconut oil. And it’s really worked.

  9. Rishika singh

    Amazing product go must try it is for all skin types

  10. Seema

    It really works it reduces my hair fall 🤩

  11. Dheeraj Patel

    Promote hair growth and provide healthy and strong hair

  12. Kiran

    Amazing products. Good for all skin type

  13. Priyanka

    Love this rosemary oil. It smells good and does wonders to ur hair. Must have this is my 2nd purchase. It’s quite affordable comparing to other brands.

  14. Tanzu

    I love this product as it has helped reduce my hairfall alot plus hair greying has also reduced.

  15. Sakshi priya

    It’s really amazing product ✨ perfect for all skin types go for it

  16. Tanu Priya

    Excellent performance and result

  17. Sonal

    I really like this rosemary oil it best for skin do try

  18. Amreen Choudhary

    This is like a medicine for my loooooong hair

  19. Tanzeela

    It’s so good on skin and very effective.
    The best parts it’s chemical free.

  20. H Bhavana

    I had used this product for my hair , it worked very well for me , again am gonna purchase it

  21. Divyapriya

    This oil made my hairs to grow and made to look shiny, really nice

  22. Divya

    Excellent product. About to buy the second bottle soon! 😍🩷

  23. Urmila

    This product is the solution for every skin problem

  24. Vaibhavi Baranwal

    I really like the oil as it really worked for me! It doesn’t has any foul smell and is very easy to apply. I will surely recommend this.

  25. Poojitha

    It’s good and worked well for my hair👌

  26. Nikhat choudhary

    I am using it too it’s really nice

  27. Sara Chauhan

    Have been using this with a carrier oil and loving the results on my hair.

  28. Tufail

    The product packaging is very good and the product itself is amazing. The ingredients are so pure and natural

  29. Shweta Ahirwar

    Highly recommended. Do try. Shows good results if applied continuously👍🏻

  30. Shweta Ahirwar

    Highly recommended Do try Shows good results regularly❤

  31. Inara

    Rosemary oil- Excellent hair and skin essential oil. Highly recommend this product. strong aroma so deluding is strongly and highly recommended to avoid any sort of reaction either to the skin or the scalp & hair. Really good

  32. Priyanshi wadhwa

    Rosemary oil – Excellent hair and skin essential oil. Highly recommend this product. strong aroma so deluding is strongly and highly recommended to avoid any sort of reaction either to the skin or the scalp & hair. Really good

  33. Shweta Ahirwar

    Do try Shows good results if applied continuously👍🏻

  34. Prerita Verma

    This is the best product i have ever purchased for my hair care. Made my hair smooth and shiny. Value for money.

  35. Sara khan

    Rosemary oil Good package.. Very useful for hair growth

  36. Somya

    Rosemary oil- Perfect hair oil with the goodness of Rosemary,my hair feels nourished and my hair fall is also reduced. Perfect oil for hair problems

  37. Simran Khatun

    Best oil for hair and skin. Help to reduce hair loss. Result can be seen in 2-3 uses. Highly recommended for dull and fizzy hair. Excellent product.loved it.

  38. Sakshi

    This is really good as it provides hydration and glow to my dry skin

  39. prapti

    If you are looking for a good quality hair oil,you must give it a try!!

  40. Hiba

    After using it my hair becomes much softer

  41. Pooja Raidas

    I’ve using this product for couple of months. I can see results. Hairfall has reduced a lot.

  42. Arpita Roy

    Rosemary oil Smell itself says how good the quality is.. nice product useful

  43. Kaikasha shaikh

    Rosemary oil The rosemary oil is pure and so magical . I have used it for hair massage and it has made my hair extremely soft and bouncy . Thank you for this magical portion 💐

  44. Anushka ojha

    Rosemary oil Best oil for hair growth. one of my friend suggested me this rosemary oil,used it twice,and result was amazing… hair are more softer than before and are less frizz… scalp feel more moisture…Overall good result.will definitely recommend this product 💓🤗

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